This January, LifeWave unveils the secrets behind the X39.  Be there in Austria to experience it live.

3rd Generation

A 3rd Generation LifeWave Technology patch designed to elevate a peptide known to activate stem cells


Elevation of energy levels


Faster recovery from exercise


Rapid reduction in pain and inflammation


Increasing stem cell production in the skin has been shown to reduce wrinkles


Increases sports performance


Enables deeper level of sleep


Significant reduction in length of time required for wounds to heal


Significant benefits to help fight the battle against aging


-125Days -8Hours -30Mins -5Seconds


‘Stiff Feeling was gone… overall feeling of calmness’

‘Last Thursday was the first time I used the X-39 patch. I was already 10 days into flu/ bronchitis. Upper respiratory congestion, on antibiotics, and decided nothing could make me feel any worse! After getting out of the shower I put an X-39 patch on the belly button location. By the time I left for class 25 minutes later I had experienced the following: The all over my body, slightly stiff feeling was gone (have had for years) I could feel the congestion leaving my lungs/ gunk easier to cough up an overall feeling of calmness (on beyond what I normally have:) In class NO muscular soreness or aches when doing extended stretches. None after class either! I slept soundly that night, lots of dreaming. I took patch off about 4 a.m. Friday morning--and when I got up about 6 a.m. had sustained energy and worked on projects all day long.’
- Celia

‘No Soreness after 1 patch’

‘A friend had a loose tooth, with sore gum area, that the dentist wanted to pull. She wore the X39 for one session of 12 hours and tooth is no longer loose, not is there any gum soreness.’
- DrQ

My body tuned back again

‘So many things went wrong with my body lately, it was like I was falling apart. Then I tried the X39 patch for 3-4 weeks and my body tuned back again like I had nothing. It was like waking up one morning in a new body! - Μy back was not hurting me anymore. - The numbness on my feet was gone. - My skin looked young and pretty again. - My low energy vanished. - My mood changed, I feel content and happy for no reason - My bloating disappeared - My stuffed nosed and heavy sneezing only lasted for 2 days. Amazing! 😊 For my feet I used X39 for 12 hours and Carnosine at night. I also used X39 on my neck in combination with energy enhancer, WINFIT and sp6 during the day time and silent night, Alavida & Aeon at night time. For my stuffed nose and sneezing I used an X39 on my nose at night time.’
- Betty Aslanis

‘I can enjoy playing badminton again’

‘I have not played my favourite game for several years because it hurt my hip, some 10 years ago. X-rays and medical consultation showed degeneration of the joint. The operations of both knees gave effect. After the first training, I felt hip pain, but after patching the X39 I completely forgot about the problem. Hip regenerated quickly, I can go back to the badminton court! There are no words that could describe it.’
- Krzysztof Markowski

‘Surprise… I have NO Pain’

‘I have to admit the age of my body!! I’m not too young anymore. Apparently, I had too much fun riding the wave on the SeaDoo, jumping the wave at full speed, and manoeuvring the turn! Well, my knee took a beating. I had been getting a sharp shooting pain every time I stood up. I put X39 on and went to the gym. And surprise, I have NO pain! I was on the bike for 40 mins and did some weights too! An hour later, still no pain after I stand up. Amazing!’
- Jane Schafer

‘I thank GOD for X-39’

‘have had a condition for many years, now using the X-39 patch I have noticed that the pain in my hands has calmed down. I had very bad days before with lots of pain, I sleep much better, now I feel very light to move the body. I sleep feeling like I am in the clouds. Very deep. I desire my wife more than ever, I want to have sex with her a lot.’
- GQ


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